Ehsas Foundation

One Million Meals ...

Every year, Ehsas Foundation strives to provide one million meals to those in dire need throughout the world by offering dry ration food packages as well as cooked meals.

Dry ration packages are given to poor families as well as survivors of disasters.  Though the nature of food supplies vary based on the regions of distribution, a typical, dry ration package consists of flour, rice, lentils, dates, dry milk powder, sugar, tea, spices, oil, and soap.  Each package is enough to feed a family of about 5 or 6 for a month. 

Cooked meals are also prepared for feeding people who do not have easy cooking capabilities.  One large pot of rice biryani can feed up to 40 people for only £30 (with chick peas or potatoes) or £40 (with meat).

In addition to the One Million Meals project, Ehsas Foundation also helps economically weak families who can not support their children or elderly for their food needs through other projects.  For example; meat is given through Aqiqah, Sadaqah in the form of Sacrifice amd Qurbani;
 and dry ration is given through Fidya, Kaffara and Sadqat-Ul-Fitr.

Fundraisers at Primary Schools:

The One Million Meals Project is an excellent avenue for Elementary School Children to raise funds for while learning valuable lessons.  Because it costs just £1 per meal, the cost of say a candy bar - children can ponder on the fact that there are other children like themselves in the world who don't even have a single meal to eat in a day.  This understanding would help them to appreciate the blessings they have and activate a desire to go further and do what they can to raise funds for meals for such children in need.  Ehsas Foundation encourages children to donate small amounts from their pocket money so they may learn the importance of giving.  If you would like to organize a fundraiser for the One Million Meals project, please contact us.